The Disrupt Network: Mission and Key Activities

Our mission is to foster creation of high growth enterprises that disrupt the status quo in entire industries through innovation and entrepreneurship leveraging ICT. We begin in Machakos, Kenya.

Key Activities

Talent Development

We are helping refine raw talent among the youth in Machakos and its neighborhood to world class status for high value economic contribution.

Social Capital Creation

We are Helping to harness social affiliations that create opportunities for mentorship and exposure to business opportunities among start-ups supported.

Financial Capital Mobilization

We are building on social affiliations to mobilize seed and growth capital for high growth ventures supported by the network.

Links To Other Startup Ecosystems

We are endeavoring to coordinate with KoTDA and other Konza Techno-city stakeholders to create a perceptual bridge between the planned city and other start-up ecosystems..

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